Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1 26 11 #2 Yuck :P

So within the last two week (beginning of the 2nd semester) I have decided that I hate not being able to sleep for long periods of time, also fasting because you have no time is also a big no no. 
About the picture: so I going back to the fact that I have had little to no time on my hands since the 17th I have had little time to go out and take pictures! But I am taking a photography class to try to correct this habit, and hopefully create a new one. This is a picture taken in my back yard of our grape vine, it which this time of the year consists mostly of frost.  It has  our little shed in the back ground  with the other vines with it….
OK enough is enough people! I know that V-day is around the corner but geezus! First you guys stop in the middle of the hallway and make out. I try to gently let you know that you are in my way, but you don’t seem to care, and for that matter, even notice me!  Then when I’m in the library working on a online assignment, you, nameless couple #5, sit next to me and gently divulge your weekend plans to the room like no one is here! Like I wanted to know that “snoogie bear”  wants a hotel room with a large shower and phone up meals. And like the people next to me need to know that “Baby doll” is going to wear under her nightie! Please don’t make me gag myself to death!
Now I know it would be different if I where in “Baby doll’s” shoes (ok maybe not if my “Snoogie bear” was him but you get the picture) I would be doing the same thing. But I’m single, and I don’t want to see these to love dodo’s rune my lovely time writing… well I guess they gave me something to write about! So I should thank them for that, but at the same time they left a sour taste in my mouth, because I’m single and Valentine’s day is a load of bull, it should be called “Single’s awareness day” because that is how it feels... however with the last of my nerves pulled out I almost turn to tell them what kind of day they are really celebrating, that Valentine was beheaded, and they are only celebrating a store’s paycheck! But oh well guess I wont rune there fun for the night with my bitterness, instead Ill will eat cheap chocolate and watch  Buffy the vampire slayer.  


  1. Lol yup v day is bull yup. I just laugh at it.
    :poke: I have v day requests up on my blog and da you should request something if you want, or if not a couple pic then something funny sexy lol.
    I really like your pic! I am blog buddies with you now yup yup. I am looking forward to sering you progress in class.

  2. Oh yah, this is Kozz btw